Dual Universe: Eternity | Spacetime

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4  Abrupt Physical Change

So I have support for my assumption that nothing existed before the Big Bang. A nothing that may relate to the atemporal, aspatial eternity of Brahman, the Tao, and the theologians. A nothing out of which spacetime appeared. An essential precursor to current theories of creation. A domain that fluctuates to yield an expansive energy spreading a universe far and wide.

The current scenario for what follows the Big Bang contains some terms that are useful for describing what happens before the Big Bang. The initial energy release is thought to be governed by a primal force derived from the different forces existing today. Then, the energy cooled as spacetime expanded, gravity appeared, followed by other forces in sequence. The appearance of each force, and the later appearance of elementary particles, occurred as an abrupt change of physical state, or phase change, a term describing such familiar events as water changing from its liquid phase to the ice of its solid phase on freezing.

The appearance of ice in water, or of dew from the air, may also be described as a change of state. Or the phase change when snow crystals melt may be called the breaking of symmetry. The same terms may be used to describe the appearance of spacetime out of a potent nothing as an initial step in creation of the universe.

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