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6 Formless Energy

I suggest an alternative explanation might account for small random deviations in the paths of elementary particles. But first I must explain how energy that has no dimensions and no form can exist, to make possible the phase change that creates a spacetime vacuum out of eternity.

Many forms of energy exist in spacetime: gravitational energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, heat energy, electrical energy, and so on. All can change from one form into another. We calculate the energy transferred in the conversion, and express it as a number. We confirm the calculations by measurements. We find that energy is always conserved, that none disappears in any transfer between one energy form and another. The number describing the amount of energy stays constant during its transformation into different forms. What we do not know, as Richard Feynman pointed out, is the nature of what is conserved throughout these changes. We do not know what the number describing the amount of energy is alluding to.

Properties of energy reveal themselves when the energy takes on form within a specific set of dimensions. Electrical energy has dimensions of electric potential and electric charge. The energy of a moving object, kinetic energy, is set by its dimensions of mass and velocity. The energy of a stationary object in the Earth’s gravitational field, its potential energy, is set by its mass dimension and its height above the Earth. My argument is that energy becomes formless during the change from one form into another. That is, it becomes dimensionless. It is by this means that energy can move from one form to another, losing one set of dimensions and picking up another set on the way.

Updated 3/27/2017

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