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15 Particle Steering

The quantum-to-quantum deviations are extremely small, and occur with a rapidity many trillions of times faster than events we encounter with even the most sensitive instruments. And the corresponding energy-momentum changes are microminiscule. I think it likely, therefore, that any observations we make of the correction process will be detecting an average over trillions of transitions. This would bring the correction process within the range of the frequency of light or other radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum we measure as a characteristic of photons. That is, the electromagnetic radiation that we associate with a photon, may be an energetic process that is correcting its path. In contemporary physics, the photon is described as the carrier of the electromagnetic force that binds atoms together. From the point of view of quantized spacetime, the electromagnetic force may be shepherding the photon.

From the point of view of the photon, each donation (or subtraction) of energy-momentum at the spacetime boundary is a fluctuation that must be paid back to maintain conservation of energy and momentum. As further deviations take place, a cumulative potential energy-momentum disturbance on the surface of the interstitial space builds up and travels along the membrane outside of the particle moving through spacetime. This cumulative disturbance executes the least action principle to give back or accept energy-momentum increments that will direct the particle on average along the least-action path.

 A photon is moving in time and in three spatial dimensions at the speed of light. To maintain the balancing process in the presence of random deviations in three dimensions, the cumulative disturbance across the two-dimensional membrane must be spread over an extended volume of the dual-universe interface with spacetime. Moving at the speed of light, a photon can receive no information about future deviations in its path. To be prepared to generate an energy-momentum correction immediately at random locations and of any magnitude and direction, the fluctuating potential energy must be spread over an extended region of the three-dimensional membrane interface before, after, and around the photon. Only by this means can it respond instantly in whichever direction is optimum to counter unpredictable trajectory deviations.

The energy-momentum of a photon is located at the particle, a point in spacetime. The potential energy on the other side of the membrane interface is not focused in this way. That region is not granular. The energy there is without its own dimensions or structure except at the spacetime interface where it spreads as a continuum throughout the interstitial space of the dual universe. But, to the surrounding surfaces of rising and falling energy-momentum, the membrane  is made up of repeated pointed hills and round valleys between the packed spheres of spacetime quanta.  As the energy process moves along with the particle it will be shaped by the periodic pattern of the interstitial space. It will become a wave.

Updated: 3/25/2017

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