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16 The Guiding Wave

A complex wave of energy spreading in all directions around a photon is traveling with it, carrying out the zero-sum energy-momentum exchange that returns the photon to its proper track. The wave requires sufficient average energy to match that of the particle. This sets the frequency of the wave, because the energy of a wave is proportional to its frequency. The close packing of the spacetime quanta at the Planck length, reflected in the interstitial space, will accommodate any wave, up to the highest frequency possible. However, this corresponds to cosmic energies that may only be present in the first Planck seconds of the universe. At normal energies, the frequency of the correcting wave will be averaged over billions of Planck lengths. For the least-action process, the correcting wave frequency is sufficiently high when it provides an average potential energy that matches the kinetic energy of the photon.

The amplitude of the potential energy wave in interstitial space must accommodate the whole range of increments of energy-momentum required by the particle. These in turn will range from zero to the full energy-momentum. The fraction of full energy-momentum required to correct a specific momentum change can be achieved by changing the phase of the wave. If the particle is at the peak of the wave, it will receive the maximum positive or negative increment. If it is off in phase from the peak, it will receive an appropriate lesser increment of energy-momentum. To an observer, the position of the particle is somewhere within the length of the guiding wave. The amplitude maximum will be associated with the average, or probable, position of the particle.

The phase of the wave seeks to cancel out the energy surplus or deficit incurred by a deviating particle. Any residual energy from the balancing process will be transmitted at zero delay across the surface of the interstitial space. There are no time or space dimensions there, so local imbalances in the energy pattern at the membrane become instantaneously global, essentially making energy available for correction over large distances with zero delay. Another way of saying this, is that the correction process is non-local.

Updated: 3/25/2017

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