Quantized Spacetime

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1  Quantizing Spacetime

Science assumes that space and time are continuous and infinitely divisible. But this is not true of energy. It comes as indivisible quanta. Similarly, matter comes as indivisible particles. Everything within spacetime, the unity of space and time, is quantized. This suggests that spacetime is also quantized. If so, our view of reality changes.

To see the implications of indivisible quanta of spacetime, suppose each quantum provides three minimum dimensions of space and one minimum repeating interval of time. This interval, synchronized with that of nearby quanta, provides the intrinsic time of its local region. Pack such quanta into a matrix filling the universe and we can define the location and motion of every elementary particle. Each one is either at rest in a quantum or transferring from one quantum to another.

The minimum length of the quantum and its minimum time interval impose an absolute limit to the divisibility of space and time. They also set an absolute limit to particle speed in transferring from quantum to quantum. You find it by dividing the minimum length by the minimum time. In our spacetime, this is the speed of light. No higher speed exists, because that would require a fraction of a time interval, which is defined as indivisible.

Remarkably, for particles transferring between quanta, no slower speed exists either. That would require a fraction of a minimum length, which is also defined as indivisible. So, particles transferring from quantum to quantum move at just one speed.

So, how do particles, in isolation or as group, move slowly in quantized spacetime? They move slowly by mixing transfers between quanta at light speed with pauses within quanta at zero speed. The quanta enforce a pattern of transfers and pauses that gives an average speed. This makes digital processing possible. A transfer as a 1 and a pause as a 0 define the average speed in a string of binary bits. And as quantized spacetime and other recent theories tilt the universe towards digital computation, the quantum length is becoming recognized as the smallest part of spacetime able to store a single bit of information. 5/27/2020

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