Quantized Spacetime

star field

2 Spacetime Quantum Size

Quantum mechanics and general relativity have different ways of calculating the minimum length able to store a single bit. Fortunately, their calculations agree closely at the Planck mass of 0.0218 mg. From this we can calculate the quantum as having a diameter of the Planck length, 1.62 x 10-35 meter. And as the minimum length divided by the minimum time equals the speed of light (defined as 299,792,458 m/s), the minimum time must be 5.39 x 10-44 second, the Planck time. Although gravitation shrinks the quanta in the direction of the gravitational field, the ratio of the two stays at the speed of light.

I assume the quantum shape capturing these dimensions is a sphere of Planck-length diameter with an intrinsic time pulse of the Planck time. Only a sphere provides equal lengths and transfer times in any direction, satisfying the observed absence over astronomical distances of any variation of path length or speed with direction.

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