Extra-Solar Religion and Science


Instant Communication

The exchange of properties across the spacetime-hyperspace interface takes place in both directions. While hyperspace gains access to three spacetime dimensions at its interface with spacetime, spacetime gains access to the absence of dimensions at its interface with hyperspace. Lacking spacetime dimensions, all hyperspace is effectively at the same location in time and space. This provides the basis for instantaneous communication, avoiding delays incurred when limited to traveling through spacetime at the speed of light.

So far, we have used this feature to achieve to communicate over terrestrial distances between twinned elementary particles, the Castor and Pollux of the sub-atomic world. They are created when the radiant energy of a gamma ray, more energetic than an x-ray, spontaneously converts into the kinetic energy of a pair of particles with mass. The Highway Patrol enforcing conservation laws from hyperspace immediately jumps on them and demands they flee in exactly opposite directions at exactly the same speed to ensure they bring no gratuitous linear momentum into spacetime. To avoid bringing additional electrical charge, each must carry an opposite charge to the other. And if they are thinking of spinning as they go on their merry ways, they must spin in harmony in opposite directions, to satisfy conservation of angular momentum.

The conservation laws are so strict that if we destroy the balance in angular momenta by changing the angle of the spin axis of one particle, the other will instantaneously change its spin axis angle to restore balance, no matter how far apart they are. Balance and symmetry.

Spacetime’s access to a hyperspace with no dimension of time or space makes this instantaneous restoration of balance possible. There is no delay like that incurred if the out-of-balance signal were conveyed from the changed Pollux to unchanged Castor at the speed of light. The particles are said to be entangled and this property of particle pairs is of value in terrestrial quantum computation. At present, this form of communication for messages of any substance over long distances is not practical, because it depends on first separating the two particles at less than light speed in a specific direction. In mobile applications this may not be known in advance. And second, the communication code must be conveyed at the speed of light from sending location to receiving location before secure communication can be achieved.

However, the present intense development of quantum computing that involves interactions of entangled particles at very short distances may change the situation over the next 50 years as the distances and complexities of the interactions grow. And an extra-solar civilization much older than ours may well have instantaneous interstellar communications based on entanglement of vast arrays of particles that bypass the delays of decades or millennia incurred by radio or optical communications. This may explain why our searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) in the radio spectrum have failed to detect communications from extra-solar planetary systems in the past 60 years.

The passage of signals through a hyperspace that corresponds to an atemporal eternity is of interest to religions. If they recognize doctrinal revelations received by individuals in the form of voices or visions, they may be conveyed through hyperspace. However, science lacks information about how these signals might be detected or interpreted by individuals. 7/12/2020

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