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Spiritual Communication

Instantaneous communication between entangled particles across the hyperspace surface suggests an origin for spirit communication, as when a person suddenly feels a close friend or family member thousands of miles away has gained some great happiness or suffered a fatal injury. A more complex example might go beyond a mere feeling but extend to an actual message expressed in words. In most instances there appears to be little information in the communication. The result of the transient perception might simply be an emotion of happiness or a tremor of dread.

It is difficult the gauge the veracity of such experiences because there is rarely confirmation from an independent observer. And they have yet to be studied to any depth by science due to the lack of reproducible experimental evidence. I think this may in part to be due to testing for the communication of cognitive information rather than emotional information.

 The small amount of information exchanged between the twinned particles (perhaps a single bit) suggests only a very narrow communication channel is available through hyperspace. That is, it will be able to convey a change of state in one member of a small group of paired alternatives. For human brains this suggests emotive communication rather than the complexities of cognitive exchanges. It seems that only in very rare instances do cognitive exchanges come into play.

One might guess that this type of experience involving one-way communication between two individuals might arise from the equivalent of entanglement between complementary patterns of neural excitations within the brains of people who had shared memorable common experiences. It would involve transfer of a miniscule amount of energy across the spacetime-hyperspace interface in the very smallest dendritic processes, with an equivalent energy exchange back across the interface from the reaction of the recipient, to satisfy energy conservation. Although such dendritic processes are thought to have little effect on pulse transmission into the cerebral network, with the correct electrical characteristics they can raise or lower transmission significantly.

To be able to illustrate how this might be achieved requires an honest description of such an event, which can only be obtained in a church confessional, the law courts having long recognized the practice of perjury. It must therefore be in the church of materialism, as it is the confession of a lifelong materialist seeking absolution for a vision providing a verbal communication from a dead friend, offered here in the original public form of confession. It occurred in a sunny living room when I was sitting alone thinking about nothing in particular. Or rather, the thoughts were of so little consequence compared with the experience interrupting them that they were forgotten. 7/12/2020  10:04

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